Types of Testing:

Isocore's Internetworking Lab offers a variety of intensive, vendor-neutral testing and evaluation services from device interoperability verification to performance analysis and benchmarking.

The lab routinely takes on projects related to MPLS, IP/optical integration, and carrier Ethernet. A few recent areas of focus include carrier Ethernet over MPLS transport, IPv6-IPv4 integration, BGP VPN tunneling techniques, QoS with DiffServ-aware traffic engineering, Triple Play technologies (IPTV, VoIP, SBCs, IMS), and HVPLS/VPLS.

For Service Providers:

Isocore provides support for service providers through every stage of the network lifecycle from planning and assessment to product retirement and migration. Let our network engineers work with you to determine your needs, prepare RFPs, evaluate the available alternatives, develop implementation plans, and execute test scenarios. Our broad experience verifying the interoperability of devices from different vendors allows us to make informed recommendations that prevent expensive mistakes, reducing the time and cost of your new infrastructure deployment.

For Networking Equipment Vendors:

Isocore has extensive experience developing unique testing environments for prototype versions of next-generation routing, switching, test, and flow control equipment. Our intensive testing methodology helps reduce development cost and time-to-market by isolating interoperability issues and standards ambiguities early in the development cycle. Our engineers can work with your staff or independently to plan, develop, and execute scalability, interoperability, conformance, and many other types of test procedures.

In addition to providing useful documentation for design engineers, Isocore's detailed test reports are also useful marketing tools that will help reassure your customers your solution can meet their needs effectively. Isocore is strategically positioned to make product recommendations and often advises that lab-certified products be used in service provider networks.